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art is

A video projection

fills one wall of a room with a continuous series of intimate speaking portraits of artists saying what art is. Viewed close-up (the "frame" is inside the face, presented from above the eyes to below the mouth), one face at a time (no overlaps or special effects) for a minute or two each. The always moving and talking face saturates the image area on the wall. Without continuity, progression or momentum, the viewer is brought back to the "zero point" of art definition with each individual, starting fresh with a new view of art over and over. This ongoing work presents close to 80 artists of all kinds (Dennis Oppenheim, Marina Abramovic, Alex Katz, Gary Hill, Arman, Ann Hamilton, Meredith Monk, etc.) in a two hour continuous installation What is art that its definition is at once impossible and continuously inevitable? (art is comprises the first of three works that eventually will exhibit simultaneously in three separate rooms, which also includes: poetry is and music is.)

In a second room, a multilingual, international and site-specific, performative version of art is will be created live at the Biennale (art is/WRO) involving artists, poets and composers who wish to participate. It will show live on a monitor outside the performance room.

When no performance is happening, a single channel video will show on the monitor: Pulp Friction (2003) [25 minutes, DVD], an "abstract concretion" effecting a vivid and poignantly loud, frictive manipulation of textured "sounding papers" (objects created by Fluxus artist Alison Knowles) and performed/filmed by artist George Quasha. The effects range wildly and include a mysterious yet intensely erotic play of biomorphic forms.

George Quasha

Poet, artist and publisher, the author of several published books of poetry, he also edited poetry anthologies and has been co-publisher/editor of Station Hill Press and Barrytown, Ltd., where he lives in Barrytown, New York. His visual art works include sound and text-related performance, installation and video. Since 1970s he has been constantly working with Charles Stein and Gary Hill on several dialogical collaborative works, exhibited worldwide in several museum shows.