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Photography of "nothing"

Józef Robakowski

exhibition of photography from series The skies of assumptive time

Some time ago (exactly in 1970-1973) I – in spite of all conceptual artists – occupied myself with transgressing various kinds of creational notions that became manifest thanks to our imagination. I was able then, releasing consciously energetic emision of fluido-magnetic radiation, to obtain freely configured photographic astral images.

So I had been recording with great passion images of our thoughts, emotional exultations, portraits of presumed friends and narrative images of real or fictitious events...

Not being constrained by anything I was in clouds which now are subject of my new works. The photographs from series The skies of assumptive time are continuation of my own art program aiming at going beyond human imaginations. It is persistent quest after energetic images. It is humble approval that in fact they come to existence by themselves and our role is only to take them into consideration as a new fantastic possibility.



Józef Robakowski Fotografia astralna, self-published, Lodz 1973;
Fotografia astralna, ", text printed on leaflet accompanying the exhibition in Remont Gallery, Warsaw, 1973;
Fotografia astralna, in the book Zywa Galeria, LDK, Lodz 2000.

Józef Robakowski

Author of films, photographic series, videos, installations, conceptual projects as well as drawings and art objects. Also known as performer and initiator of many exhibitions and other artistic events. He undertakes experimental actions, based on merging film image and sound, which currently belongs to the classic of polish conceptual and post-conceptual art of the seventies. He also experiments with video as medium of persnal recording. Co-founder of the avant-garde groups Zero-61 and the Film Form Workshop, a legendary formation active in ŁódŸ in the 70s. In the nineties he created the Television Creative Group L Station. Since 1971 he has been running a gallery of the present art called The Exchange Gallery.