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idea, graphics
Arkadiusz Baginski
Pawel Janicki
3d animation
Rafal Zaremba
Job Karma/Pawel Janicki

Globalica is a software implementation of the famous puzzle invented by a Hungarian mathematician Ernö Rubik. Each side of the 3d object is textured with graphics inspired by one of the six inhabited continents (Africa, South America, North America, Australia, Asia, Europe), and sound samples specific to a given continent add aural layer to each of the sides.

Globalica lets players compose their own plastic and sound structures through shuffling elements specific to different continents. The aim of the program is therefore contrary to that of a real cube &ndash striving for a sterile order is opposed to enjoying one's free imagination, eclectic constructions compete favourably with isolated monocultures.

At the author's approval the title of the work has become a theme for the issues dealt at this year's WRO Biennale.