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Information concerning WRO 03 GLOBALICA Biennale

Auspices of Wroclaw Municipalities

WRO 03 Globalica 10th International Media Art Biennale is held under patronage of the President of the City of Wroclaw Rafal Dutkiewicz.

WRO presentations and screenings are to be held courtesy of Museum of Architecture and Song of the Goat Theater. WRO festival club during the Biennale is Coffee Planet.

Patronage and supporting institutions of WRO 03 Biennale


Opening of the 10th International Media Art Biennale WRO 03 Globalica is held on 30 April, 18.00 at Muzeum Architektury


Entry passes for the whole Biennale and tickets for single events available at the Info-center (Muzeum Architektury).
Also, the entry passes are available at WRO 03 Club (Coffee Planet).

Entry passes

Price: 60 zl

In the price a WRO 03 catalogue is included.
An entry pass admits to all the WRO 03 events. Due to limited room owners of the entry passes are requested for confirmation by drawing coupons for specific events. The coupons are available at the Info-centrum (Muzeum Architektury) from 30 april.


4Hands (1.05., Sala Gotycka), price: 20 zl;
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project (1.05., Sala Gotycka), price: 20 zl.

Tickets for single screenings at the Song Of The Goat Theater, price: 5 zl;
tickets for events at the Museum of Architecture at the regular price of the museum.

WRO 03 Club

Admission to the WRO 03 Club (Coffee Planet) is free.

Places of screenings and presentations

Museum of Architecture

ul. Bernardynska 5

Song of the Goat Theater

ul. Purkyniego 1

Sala Gotycka

ul. Purkyniego 1 (entrance on ul. Sw. Katarzyny)

Coffee Planet

Rynek 7

Entropia Gallery

ul. Rzeznicza 4