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Ping Melody

Ping Melody (diagram) Pawel Janicki
idea, programming, live electronic manipulations
Artur Majewski


Temporary and unique state of whole actions of internet users has influence on form of music composition: sounds coming from acoustic instrument are shared in packets of data information, then transmitted to various URLs via ping Unix-command. The order of packet's return, delays, errors alerts are incorporated, and the information coming from this actions is controlling in the real time the transformation of played sound.

Pawel Janicki

Media artist and producer. Working with generative music, interactive systems and own constantly developed software/hardware. Co-operates with WRO Center for Media Art, and other various artists and institutions. Member of Gameboyzz Orchestra Project.

Artur Majewski

Artur Majewski, graduate at the Jazz Department of the Music Academy in Katowice, trumpet class (tutor: Piotr Wojtasik). Member of Robotobibok, with which he recorded 2 albums; plays in New Orchestra, a band from Warsaw and cooperates with Kristen from Szczecin.