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Montreal's Interstices

Adad Hannah

Adad Hannah is a member of Montreal's Interstices, a research-creation group of artists who explore the aesthetic and poetic implications of human-machine interfaces in the media arts. This group creates works that involve the use, adaptation or production of devices that require spectator participoation, especially when this entails the explicit involvement of the body. This perspective is committed to genuine interactivity: hearing and sight, but laso other aspects of corporeal sensitivity within the dynamic of media arts reception. We require the involvement of the observer, espoecially her or his touch, movement and even metabolism (heartbeat, body heat, breath). We believe one of the majorobjectives of the media arts is to develop content that is not only aesthetically and poetically striking, but also to present it through alternative devices (corporeal interfaces) that are equally meaningful and original. By extension, our work is allied, metaphorically if not directly, with other fields that are based on person-machine interfaces, for example, biofeedback, biomedical monitoring and computer-assisted prosthetics, monitoring system design, the interactive games industry, artificial intelligence, electronic sensing, etc.