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The point is...

Canada Council for the Arts

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski

Intermedia performance/lecture The point is... was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's Point and line to plane, a book in which the artist attempts to objectively and methodically classify the expresion of basic graphical elements. In reality the presented views were subjective and their tone expressive in itself.

The point is... playfully parallels this quasi-scientific attempt within an intermedia context. Visual points are collided with musical gestures and word expressions to "methodically" reveal the multiple dimensions of "intermedia point."


  1. Image
  2. Sound
  3. Text
  4. Time
  5. Position
  6. Indisposition
  7. Size
  8. Brightness or
  9. History
  10. Kolor
  11. Truth
  12. Touch
  13. More or less
  14. Smell
  15. Spiritual dimension

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski is an intermedia composer and pianist whose work has been presented at New York's MOMA ,ZKM in Karlsruhe, Museum of Modern Art Palais de Tokyo in Paris, National Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and many other venues. He has received numerous awards among else at the  UNESCO Film sur l'art Festival in Paris, VideoArt Festival in Locarno, Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Electronique in Montréal. Kapuscinski graduated from Academy of Music in Warsaw and University of California, San Diego.