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Knives as Trajectories

Robert B. Lisek

KaT is an original software (part of installation)that allows the users to operate ERECTOR sets: objects such as latin and arabic alphabets and source code, by moving ATTRACTOR sets and grouping the elements.

Keywords: reflexivity – algorithm – subversive – java – conceptualy – criticism – stack – text manipulation – genetic – installation – feed-back: the signs by which its source code is composed get accesible to users manipulation and join the others alphabets on the program desktop. Next, their movement causes changes in the source code and so on...

Cooperation: Sz. Kuzniarz, C. Swerhun.


Robert B. Lisek

Robert B. Lisek – artist, mathematician and founder of Fundamental Research Lab; he is involved in number of projects focused on alternate art strategies and artificial intelligence. He is also a scientist at the Department of Logic of University of Wroclaw specialising in the theory of partially-ordered sets. His projects include among others: Der Tod opera (DDR, Wroclaw), Sspear (WRO – 17th Meridian, Wroclaw), I kill U & rawar (Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw), Stackdata (PIXXELPOINT, Goricia), S(+)OS (SFF, Split), Stack (ISEA, Nagoya), Oder (Graz, Paris, Tokyo).