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Politicians are Redundant

Piotr Wyrzykowski aka Peter Style (Poland)

The presentation will focus on CUKT 's most recent project Citizens Electoral System  that set out to establish an electronic democracy in Poland -a computer realisation of the idea of electronic democracy, a socio-political system in which all citizens will be able to actively undertake decisions crucial for the state 's and
nation 's future. 

The Citizen 's Electoral System [osw ] has been created and promoted to facilitate Victoria Cukt 's (a virtual candidate of CUKT) successful running for the post of the President of the Polish Republic.The Victoria Cukt Party was set up by members of the C.U.K.T to run a political campaign for Victoria CUKT.

We have had phone calls:twice from the President 's office,a few from different ministries.They wanted to know if it really was an Electoral Bureau.What could we say?

It is for real!...

A group of people united in C.U.K.T./Central Office for Technical Culture/have conceived the idea that the best candidate for the President of Poland will not be a politician since we all know what they are like, but a virtual person who will have chance not only to get electorate votes but to transform Poland into a Technical Culture Tiger