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Igor Krenz' screening

My screening is just one work but consisting of several "separate" elements lasting this and that long, arosen this and that time – they are interesting by their indefiniteness – indetermined beginnings due to the lack of titles, and constructionally absent ends. They gain their context depending on where they appear.

Therefore I found it best to describe my showing as simply as it is possible:
I. Krenz – video screening – time: 40 minutes

  1. what is this?
  2. what is this?
  3. what is this?
  4. what is this?
  5. wholes in time
  6. wholes in time
  7. wholes in time
  8. _5
  9. _6
  10. how many?
  11. how many?
  12. how many?
  13. how many?
  14. which of the matches is better?
  15. life of things
  16. life of things
  17. life of things
  18. find the exact number of details
  19. disappearance of the matchbox
  20. life of things
  21. life of things
  22. life of things
  23. life of things
  24. life of things
  25. life of things